SEF will celebrate the first cohort of
Lakers who have distinguished themselves in their careers
reflecting pride back on our community

1st Annual Toast to the Lakers

April 28, 2023
6:00 to 11:00 p.m.
Skaneateles Country Club

Honorees will be selected from recommendations made by Skaneateles alumni all over the country.
The nomination criteria and form are below.

Nominate a Skaneateles Laker of Distinction!


Skaneateles Education Foundation’s LAKER of Distinction Awards


These awards honor Skaneateles Central School District alumni who best exemplify LAKER qualities and characteristics, who have made significant contributions in their chosen fields, and who have demonstrated a willingness and effort to maintain a strong connection to the Skaneateles community.

Candidates for nomination will embody the LAKER values of Leadership, Accountability, Kindness, Effort and Respect in their life’s work. They have improved the quality of life or achieved noteworthy recognition in their careers, educational experience and/or their volunteer efforts inspiring the SCS student body and bringing pride to the district.


  • This award honors the Skaneateles Central Schools alum who best exemplifies LAKER qualities and characteristics, and who has maintained a strong connection to the Skaneateles community.
  • This honoree is living the LAKER values, wherever that has taken them. They have maintained a strong connection to the local community and have exemplified excellence in their work.
  • Graduates working in the physical sciences, computer sciences and other science-related fields, Technology, Engineering fields and Mathematics are eligible.
  • Must have significant achievements, accomplishments and/or research that would be considered valuable and inspirational to the current SCS student body.
  • Graduates working in the field of small or corporate business, finance, industrial or professional activities that engage in projects, research or products that better society and humankind are eligible.
  • Have used profits and/or prominence, notoriety, or non-profit branch of the business to promote the betterment of society.
  • Graduates working in the visual, performing, literary or culinary arts are eligible. Must have significant achievements, experience, and notoriety in their chosen field.
  • As an artist, administrator, owner or critic, they must possess a unique voice contributing to the arts world that can be considered valuable and inspirational to the SCS student body.
  • Graduates who have rendered consistent and significant service to local, state, or national populations through their chosen field or volunteer efforts are eligible.
  • Must have worked on specific initiatives, mandates or directives created in the public interest and made a marked difference in the lives of those targeted by that work.
  • Their career or volunteer work arc must be considered valuable and inspirational to the SCS student body.
  • An individual or organization that has provided dedicated service, consistent advocacy, and outstanding leadership to the K-12 or higher education community on the regional, state, national or international level.
  • The honoree will have made a meaningful and appreciable contribution to the issues and concerns affecting K-12 or higher education that would be considered valuable and inspirational to the current SCS student body.


Once a candidate is nominated in a category, they will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Alumni of distinction are eligible for nomination five (5) years after graduation.
  • Alumni must have completed 3 out of 4 years of high school at SCS.
  • The submission of a name for consideration will be made in one of five categories: STEM, Business and Professional, Arts and Entertainment, Humanitarian and Service, and Skaneateles Laker.
  • Nominees in these categories must have demonstrated high levels of achievement, award recognition and/or significant contributions in their fields.
  • Consideration for Citizenship, Community Service and/or Volunteer work.
  • Consideration for leadership qualities, contributions to society, and a commitment to mentoring young talent.
  • Have contributed to the quality of life in the Skaneateles community.
  • The candidate’s work, achievements and approach have the ability to inspire the students of the Skaneateles Central School District in their pursuit of excellence.

Exceptions to the criteria may be possible with the full agreement of the Committee when circumstances or events warrant such action.


Please submit your nominations using the form below

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Submission deadline: January 15, 2024