Saori Weaving
Amount funded: $1,512.00
May 2013
Grant Recipient - Sue Barry // Visiting artist Karen Pardee worked with elementary art teacher, Sue Barry, to bring Saori weaving to all students at State Street Intermediate, resulting in 4 beautiful, collaborative works that hang in the main foyer. Saori weaving is an art of weaving by hand that is dedicated to free expression and self-development for everyone, regardless of physical or mental ability, age, or artistic aptitude.

National Kindergarten Conference
Amount funded: $1,988.00
March 2013
Grant Recipient - Bridget Patterson // In the 2013-14 school year, Skaneateles moved from a half-day to full-day program. New state core curriculum changes further changed the landscape for teachers and students in the classroom. Kindergarten teacher Bridget Patterson attended the 4-day 2013 National Kindergarten Teacher Conference to research innovative instructional practices and tried and true practices for full-day Kindergarten students. She attended classes and networked with other participants, and will share with all grade level faculty.

Betsy Smith: Searching for Sal: My Weeklong Adventure on the Erie Canal (2013)
Amount funded: $2,812.57
March 2013
Grant Recipient - Betsy Smith // a State Street teacher, spent one week living on a boat and navigating the Erie Canal. In the state of New York, 4th grade is the year the students learn about New York state history. Betsy has always been intrigued with the canal and was able to get a personal experience of traveling the canal, going through the locks and visiting the canal museums and towns along the way. She has videotaped her adventure and created a custom Erie Canal unit for all 4th grade students to experience.

NSCA Conference
Amount funded: $2,040.00
March 2013
Grant Recipients - Jill King and John King // The Physical Education class of today is not what the “gym class” of yesterday was. Today’s PE class incorporates more information about choices, habits and lifestyles to assure wellness and overall good health. For many students, knowing how to deal with stress and to maximize exercise, both at home and at a facility is learned through PE. Faculty members Jill and John King gained new techniques, programs and research by attending the NSCA Conference.

Constructing the Erie Canal
Amount funded: $500.00
February 2013
Grant Recipient - Monique Ryan // New York State history is the focal point of 4th grade Social Studies instruction. A key topic that is covered is the construction of the Erie Canal. This grant funded an hour long live program by professor and National Geographic author Martha Kendall. The use of instruments and songs to bring this time-period to life showed the children firsthand the key role that the canal played throughout history.

Rachel Billmeyer Returns
Amount funded: $4,500.00
February 2013
Grant Recipient - Patrick Brown // Building on instruction delivered during a Fall 2012 workshop, Dr. Billmeyer will return for two days of workshops to meet in small grade level groups. This more intimate format will facilitate greater targeted content-area literacy techniques and strategies. The school district has committed to fund ½ of this $9000 program.

The MOST Presents — Interconnected: Energy, Life and Water
Amount funded: $210.00
February 2013
Grant Recipient - Monique Ryan // Fourth grade is a transitional year for science education. Students take the comprehensive New York State Science exam, covering what they have learned over their school careers. This is also the year when science becomes more of a focal point in their curriculum. The Museum of Science and Technology (MOST) Traveling Science Show uses interactive demonstrations and a live animal to teach important environmental science concepts and promote conservation. This grant provided pilot funding for two performances of Interconnected: Energy, Life, and Water.

Shakespeare Comes to Life at Syracuse Stage
Amount funded: $1,750.00
February 2013
Grant Recipients - Lauren Pohl and Joshua Williams //A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the play featured in the 8th grade English/Language Arts curriculum, which serves to provide students with an introduction to the works of William Shakespeare. There is no better way to introduce Shakespeare than through a live professional quality production. This grant funded a field-trip to Syracuse Stage for a performance. This opportunity also allowed students who have never seen a live theater production to experience one.

NYASP 2012 Conference
Amount funded: $477.41
September 2012
Grant Recipient - Brian Hart // School psychologists have extensive training in assessment, progress monitoring, instruction, child development and psychology, consultation, counseling, crisis response, program evaluation, and data collection and analysis. This training is specific to application within the school context, both general and special education, and includes extensive knowledge in school systems and the law. This grant provided funding for participation in the annual New York Association of School Psychologists conference, which was held near Syracuse. The conference provided Skaneateles school psychologists with new resources and best practice techniques to provide improved care to students needing their services and to the general population who are impacted by school and state policies and procedures.

Family History Project
Amount funded: $971.00
September 2012
Grant Recipient - Lori Usifer // An interdisciplinary project in the 7th grade involves students researching and reporting on their family history. This project incorporates social studies and language arts, while also teaching research skills. This grant would fund a pilot program which utilizes a new software program, Proquest, to help students research ancestry.

Zooming In, Zooming Ahead
Amount funded: $49,150.00
September 2012
Grant Recipients - Paul Blair and Judy Pastel // Increasingly, the communication of ideas and subjects is moving from the page to the computer. Teachers are assigning video projects in their classrooms, professors are rewarding students for their effective use of video and employers are expecting employees to successfully communicate ideas, across the globe, using technology. Project Zooming In, Zooming Ahead expands opportunities for students to learn video production and has the potential to reach into and enhance every academic area; from science and journalism to art and social studies. Unique opportunities will be provided for students to creatively use video in classroom projects and programs. Another key element is that it levels the playing field for all students in the district, by giving them access to powerful tools at school, including dynamic and expert instruction. Now, regardless of what media equipment you might have access to at home, all students can create, excel and succeed. Watch a student-created documentary on this grant for more details.

Odyssey of the Mind 2013
Amount funded: $400.00
April 2012
Grant Recipient - Kelley McQuiggan // Assistance provided for travel expenses to OOTM Worlds.