Summer STEM Camp State Street (Grades 3-5)
Amount funded: $2,367.00
March 2015
Grant Recipients - Erin Brown and Brian Cohen // Promoting a love of science, technology, engineering and math will be the primary focus of this camp. Campers will learn and refine their use of the engineering process leading a greater discovery and exploration of the world around them. Two sessions of 20 campers each will be offered in the summer of 2015. Results from the pilot project will be analyzed for possible annual offerings.

Prendergast to Pollock
Amount funded: $402.00
March 2015
Grant Recipient - Tracy Hale // This project will provide students with access to world-class art through an engaging, relevant and inspiring museum art show, Prendergast to Pollock: American Modernism. Students will learn how to identify elements and principals of the design work used and should inspire their own creativity by showing them different styles of modern art. This grant will provide funding for 57 students and 5 chaperones to visit the exhibit. SCSD will provide transportation.

3D Printing Expanded
Amount funded: $8,000.00
February 2015
Grant Recipients - Paul Blair, Heather Buff & Scott Stagnitta // 3D printing is becoming more main stream as it is being used in many different applications and jobs and embraced by many different industries. From architecture, to medicine, to engineering to marketing, exposing our students to 3D printing at an early age will help them understand the unique benefits and opportunities the technology provides, and the software coding that makes it all happen. This grant will expand upon the 2013 High School 3D printing program and fund 3D printing equipment and supplies for 5th – 8th grades.

Hydroponics Professional Development
Amount funded: $2,191.37
December 2014
Grant Recipients - Scott Stagnitta // This grant funded a 3-day hydroponics training session at Epcot Center for MS/HS Technology teacher Scott Stagnitta. Coursework included techniques in hydroponic greenhouse growing, "See the Future of Food Production," a tour of Epcot's Living with the Land Attraction, and a "Behind the Seeds" tour of their research facility.

Audio Recording Studio
Amount funded: $40,000.00
November 2014
Grant Recipients - Paul Blair, Michael Kringer, Dan Kurzen & Corey Riley // Audio engineering and the ability to experiment on sound are the basis for this grant. The audio lab will provide technology allowing students to learn about sound generation, measurement and recording and will be utilized by music, physics and math courses, and as an extension of the Zoom Room by humanities courses in social studies, language arts, and business courses such as marketing and journalism. The studio will support a proposed new CRT program in Audio Engineering.

Mexican Sugar Skulls: A Culture Tradition
Amount funded: $639.00
November 2014
Grant Recipients - Seth Benjamin, Heather Buff, Peggy Charles, Kelley McQuiggan & Ellen Wolford // Sugar Skulls are a traditional folk art from Southern Mexico. In conjunction with the annual 5th Grade Fiesta Day, which is the culminating activity for the Social Studies unit on the history, government and culture of Mexico, the grant would fund a unit to create sugar skulls. This enrichment activity will provide students with the opportunity to experience a unique and rich cultural tradition of Mexico. As part of the project, a photo essay will be created of the step-by-step process and the final products. Within this photo essay, we will include student quotes reflecting the connections and content understandings they gain from the experience.

Growing Sustainable – Hydroponics
Amount funded: $5,143.00
November 2014
Grant Recipient - Scott Stagnitta // Growing hydroponically is no longer the method of the future, but of today. In fact, most of the world’s greenhouses are growing fruits and vegetables using hydroponics.This grant will fund an opportunity for students to experiment with new forms of hydroponic growing systems. Through this experience, students gain firsthand knowledge of the scientific principles that control the developmental stages of plant life. This type of content goes beyond the classroom as students gain responsibility and awareness of how small systems, if implemented on a large scale, can make a great impact on the world around them. The produce that we will produce will be donated to our own school cafeteria and to the family and consumer sciences program for cooking.

Video and Multimedia for 5th Grade
Amount funded: $9,765.00
November 2014
Grant Recipient - Heather Buff // This project will serve as an introduction of video and multimedia concepts for 5th graders. Through the use of iPads and iMovie software, students will create, edit and learn to communicate ideas and concepts using video and multimedia. The devices will be shared across the 5th grade and involve projects in multiple disciplines including science, health and social studies. This project will also serve as a pilot in the use of classroom-based iPad devices as learning tools.

The Puppet People’s Puppet Making Workshop
Amount funded: $200.00
October 2014
Grant Recipient - Jessica Sawchuk // Generating and conceptualizing artistic ideas, developing and refining artistic work for presentation, perceiving and analyzing artistic work, and synthesizing and relating personal experiences to make art are just a few of the NYS Common Core Standards for art. This grant will provide a workshop with professional artists and puppeteers, The Puppet People, to provide a unique experiential learning opportunity.

Vacuum/Pressure Apparatus and Accessories
Amount funded: $1,140.00
October 2014
Grant Recipient - Karl Norris // In any of the physical sciences, understanding the behavior of gases is a key concept. Being able to observe this behavior first hand is an excellent learning tool. Also, the ability to observe the behavior of other types of matter, or a physical or chemical process, under the conditions of vacuum or pressure has countless applications in the areas of earth science, chemistry, and physics. While a vacuum pump is a common piece of equipment in a high school laboratory, an apparatus that can produce both vacuum and pressure and can also be adapted for specialized filtration and separation methods is not. This grant would fund such instrumentation.

The Puppet People’s “A Christmas Carol” Performance
Amount funded: $900.00
October 2014
Grant Recipients - Lauren Pohl and Joshua Williams // The study of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is part of the 7th grade NYS Common Core Curriculum. Students will gain an additional level of understanding by experiencing the classic piece of literature in a live performance. Students will analyze the extent to which the production stays faithful or departs from the text, evaluating choices made by the performers. This program will provide an opportunity for all students to experience a professional dramatic production. The performance will be conducted in the high school auditorium in December.

Flamenco Ballet
Amount funded: $2,375.00
October 2014
Grant Recipients -Nina Morel, Kate Webster, Susan Welch & Lauren Wiese // The study of culture is an important unit of any successful foreign language curriculum. Exposing students to rich cultural experience is the basis for this grant. Students will attend two shows: the first demonstrating dances from multiple countries and the second a Spanish Flamenco. SCSD will pay for teacher substitutes and transportation.