Zones of Regulation
Amount funded: $1,521.12
October 2015
Grant Recipient - Doreen Richichi // Benefits 2nd grade students. The Zones of Regulation is a systematic, cognitive behavior approach used to teach self-regulation by categorizing all the different ways we feel and states of alertness we experience into four concrete zones. The Zones curriculum provides strategies to teach students to become more aware of, and independent in controlling their emotions and impulses, managing their sensory needs, and improving their ability to problem solve conflicts. Initially, The Zones of Regulation Curriculum will be implemented in all second grade classrooms during the 2015/2016 school year. Based on the data’s demonstration of program effectiveness, the curriculum will continue at the second grade level and be expanded to third grade during the 2016/2017 school year.

Maker Faire 2015
Amount funded: $2,470.76
September 2015
Grant Recipients - Paul Blair, Heather Buff, Deb Covell, Tracy Hale, Jessica Murphy & Scott Stagnitta // Benefits Faculty Professional Development. Expand knowledge of Maker technologies to further discussion of makerspaces on campus.

Field Trip to Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell
Amount funded: $0
June 2015
Grant Recipient - Jessica Sawchuk // HS students on this field trip learned the work of a modern artist who is incorporating technology into the arts with a focus on personal history and storytelling. They engaged in the process of creating a "Story Nest" which combines photography, narratives, music and images into creative projects and represents them with unprecedented styles.

Digital Textbook Part II
Amount funded: $12,860.00
March 2015
Grant Recipients - Sharon O'Connell, Keri O'Connor, Jim Ryan & Joann Trice // This project is an expansion of a project involving Haiku and digital resources to enrich curriculum. Building on the framework created, the classroom will rely entirely on creation of a custom created digital textbook. This pilot will test the blended learning model and differentiated instruction in all 8th grade social studies classes. Objectives include providing social studies material at three different lexile levels, providing content for both visual and auditory learners, and linking “real world” digital content to US history. The grant will fund curriculum development time and 30 Chromebook computers.

Guitar Engineering and Manufacturing Field Trip
Amount funded: $0
March 2015
Grant Recipient - Matthew Slauson // Students in the Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) course build musical instruments each year. This project has earned the recognition of the Association of Stringed Instruments Artisans (ASIA). This grant will fund 6 students and Mr. Slausen to attend the ASIA conference where they will make a 1 hour presentation on the project, participate on a Q&A panel and attend other sessions to learn about modern instrument making techniques. They will also tour the Martin Guitar facility to see how they make instruments using modern manufacturing techniques. The school district will provide transportation.

Enterprise America Cross Curricular Experience
Amount funded: $312.00
March 2015
Grant Recipients - Gary Gerst and Colleen O'Hara // Enterprise America is a 10,000 sq. ft. education facility that features hands-on, real-life experiences for middle school students allowing them to practice decision making, analytics, inquisition and evaluation. The program focuses on financial literacy, entrepreneurship, consumerism and civic literacy. Upon return students will discuss and evaluate job performances and business operations and calculate and chart their survey data. This grant will fund participation by 101 students. SCSD will provide transportation.

Art and Technology Fieldtrip
Amount funded: $9,399.53
March 2015
Grant Recipients - Paul Blair and Jessica Sawchuk // The opportunity to attend the All American High School Film Festival and visit the Museum of Modern Art will give students a broader view of where their artwork and ideas exist in the context of their peers and others. It will allow them to see cutting edge techniques used in film making and see modern art masterpieces. This grant would underwrite the cost of admission to the multi-day festival ($199). Students and chaperones will pay for transportation, lodging and meals.

Math Summer Camp
Amount funded: $12,936.00
March 2015
Grant Recipients - Brian Cohen, Trish Donohue, Keith Lamphere & Karen Marino // These pilot camps are designed to be a research-based intervention for struggling math students. While the objectives are not new, the strategies/interventions being tried are new to the district and CNY. The goals are (1) to improve the mathematical learning of the students that attend the camp and (2) to test strategies/interventions with our teachers and students for possible inclusion into the regular math classroom. The elementary camp will accommodate up to 12 students. The middle school camp will accommodate up to 24 students. Students will be identified and invited to attend the camp. Each family will contribute $20.

College Visitation – Washington DC
Amount funded: $0
March 2015
Grant Recipient - Barb Drozynski // College visits by guidance counselors garner invaluable information on entrance requirements, program and degree offerings, merit and financial scholarship requirements and an in-person view of campus student life. This professional development allows them to provide the best information and counsel to Skaneateles students. On-site visits also allow the counselors the opportunity to tell the college about Skaneateles Central Schools and the types of programs and graduates it offers. This grant will provide funding to visit George Washington University, American University, Georgetown and Catholic University of America.

Regents Chemisty and Physics Vodcasts
Amount funded: $3,900.00
March 2015
Grant Recipients - Richard Allen and Dan Kurzen // The flipped classroom model is the basis for this project that will develop video-based lectures and link other content delivery systems together to allow students to receive these at home instead of the classroom. By “flipping” the classroom, students can read and learn at their own pace at home, which frees up classroom time for more experiential learning and individualized help with problems from the teacher. This pilot grant would fund 50 hours of development time to create the vodcasts and link other supporting materials through Haiku.

Art Masterpiece
Amount funded: $2,550.23
Year-long Program 2015-16
Grant Recipients - Kathy Herr, Pete O'Connor, Tami Rigling, Mary Whirtley & Chris Yost // Benefits students in grades K-3 This fine arts program exposes children to great works of art and introduces important artists in a fun and engaging manner. Six different artists are selected each year. Children will learn about the artists’ styles, preferred art mediums and iconic works in the context of their culture and time in history. Parent volunteers act as Art Guides to provide a short lesson then lead the children in a discovery of their own personal artistic talents. The Skaneateles Education Foundation [SEF] provides funding for art supplies

Summer STEM Camp for Waterman (Grades 1-2)
Amount funded: $3,190.00
March 2015
Grant Recipients - Mary Arnott, Paul Blair & Brian Cohen // Promoting a love of science, technology, engineering and math will be the primary focus of this camp. Campers will learn and refine their use of the engineering process leading a greater discovery and exploration of the world around them. Two sessions of 20 campers each will be offered in the summer of 2015. Results from the pilot project will be analyzed for possible annual offerings.