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Summer Learning Scholarship to iD Tech Camp

Since 2016, SEF has awarded these scholarships including tuition, room and board to iD Tech overnight summer camps on college campuses across the Northeast. Courses have included everything from C++ Programming to VR Game Design, and Artificial Intelligence to Cybersecurity. iD Tech Camp is the world’s #1 educational summer computer camp for kids and teens, “where summer fun meets real-world skills.”

The idea of starting this scholarship program was brought to SEF by SHS Class of 2010 alumnus, Duncan Mahood, who worked for iD Tech at the time and donated the day camp in 2016 and 2017. The Mahood Family contributed the overnight portion of those grants.

The Elsa Allyn Soderberg Family Fund has been partnering with the Skaneateles Education Foundation to fund these scholarships since 2018, and the Feehan Family began contributing in 2022.

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Scholarships Grants
Scholarships Grants
Scholarships Grants
Scholarships Grants


iD Tech Summer Camp Scholarships 2019
Amount funded: $4,767
July 2019
Grant Recipients - Keady Azzam, Ellie McSwain and Alex Moro

Keady Azzam
Class of 2024
Camp Program: Assemble Your Take-Home Laptop and Code in Python
Campus: Texas Christian University
Overnight Camp: $1,589


“iD Tech gave me some key tools for a future career in technology. I made a take-home Pi-top laptop and I am writing this letter on that very device! I learned the fundamental building blocks of coding in Python. This is the first text-based language I have learned to use and, following my current path of working from simple to more complex languages, it is the bridge towards JavaScript, Java, C#, and even down to the 1’s and 0’s of C. Recently I’ve come to realize that a lot of complex project concepts, such as websites and applications, require the knowledge of at least one text-based language, and now I am versed in Python.
The Skaneateles Education Foundation iD Tech scholarship has made a lasting impact on me in many ways. It has given me a desire to continue learning over the summer and a unique on-campus experience. The course taught me Python and gave me a laptop to continue coding and learning. Thank you so much for this opportunity and for all you do for Skaneateles schools and students.”
Signed, Future software developer/8th grader


Ellie McSwain
Class of 2022
Camp Program: Cybersecurity and Encryption
Campus: Princeton University
Overnight Camp: $1,589


“When I first signed up, I thought I would enjoy the encryption part but not the coding part. Once I got to camp, I realized I was mistaken. I loved both learning to code and encrypt. I never thought about doing coding in my future. Now that I have gone to camp this has changed. I realized how fun coding and encrypting can be. I also loved Princeton–the architecture was so beautiful! Thank you so much for this opportunity.”


Alex Moro
Class of 2022
Camp Program: Assemble Your Take-Home Laptop and Code in Python
Campus: Wesleyan University
Overnight Camp: $1,589


“I had an amazing experience. I really enjoyed living in the college dorms and walking around campus. My project was to build a computer using a Raspberry Pi, a simple motherboard and CPU, and code functions and algorithms with Python. Then I added a breadboard which allowed me to add my own functions. I coded a robot to perform tasks in a changing environment.
While building the computer was the main goal of the week, I also made some good friends. I am so thankful I was given this opportunity. I’m starting to save up so I can enroll in camp again next summer.”

iD Tech Summer Camp Scholarships 2018
Amount funded: $3,102.00
July 2018
Grant Recipients - Hannah Boyer and Matheu Campbell

Hannah Boyer
Class of 2020
Camp Program: Cybersecurity and Encrypting
Campus: Ohio State University
Overnight Camp: $1,589

College attended after graduation: Syracuse University
Major: Psychology + Neuroscience + Forensic Science


Matheu Campbell
Class of 2021
Camp Program: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Campus: Princeton University
Overnight Camp: $1,589

College attended after graduation: Columbia University
Major: Computer Engineering

“The iD Tech Camp I attended was on the topic of machine learning and artificial intelligence using the programming language Python, and it was the first exposure I had to that language. The value for me was in seeing and interacting with Python in essentially the same way that industry professionals might, of course at an extremely basic level. It was only after the course that I started to experiment substantially with Python and programming in general, and eventually I was able to accomplish some interesting projects in high school.
I’m now planning to major in computer engineering, and that decision was motivated partially because I found the work I did at the camp and afterwards to be pretty engaging. My experience at iD Tech is what prompted my interest in exploring further many of the concepts I will learn formally as a computer engineering major.”

iD Tech Summer Camp Scholarship 2017
Amount funded: $569.00
July 2017
Grant Recipient

Tyler Atwater
Class of 2018
Camp Program: Virtual Reality Game Design with Unreal Engine 4
Campus: Villanova University
Day Camp: Donated by Duncan Mahood ’10
Overnight Camp: $569

College attended after graduation: SUNY Polytechnic
Major: Interactive Media & Game Design

“I look back on my time at iD Tech with fondness; it was not only a very fun summer camp where I met some really cool people, but it was also a valuable experience which helped confirm my career choice moving forward. I’m currently majoring in Interactive Media and Game Design at SUNY Polytechnic Institute. Living on campus during camp certainly helped ease my anxiety over the transition to freshman year of college and helped to familiarized me with what to expect from dorm life. In the week I spent at iD Tech, I was able to have the time and motivation to make a really impressive portfolio piece.”

iD Tech Summer Camp Scholarship 2016
Amount funded: $569.00
July 2016
Grant Recipient

Luke Rathgeb
Class of 2018
Camp Program: C++ Programming
Campus: Yale University
Day Camp: Donated by Duncan Mahood ’10
Overnight Camp: $569

College attended after graduation: Dartmouth College
Major: Computer Science

“What I learned about C++ at iD Tech has been invaluable to me.”