The Arts Grants

There are a great many links between learning in the arts and student achievement. Study in these disciplines – dance, drama, multi-arts, music, and visual arts – have multiple connections to improved reading, verbal, writing and math skills, and to creative thinking. And yet funding for the arts is often in jeopardy. Support from the community is critical for maintaining strong programs and nurturing the remarkable talent evident in our students.

The Arts Grants
The Arts Grants
The Arts Grants
The Arts Grants


Art and Technology Fieldtrip
Amount funded: $9,399.53
March 2015
Grant Recipients - Paul Blair and Jessica Sawchuk // The opportunity to attend the All American High School Film Festival and visit the Museum of Modern Art will give students a broader view of where their artwork and ideas exist in the context of their peers and others. It will allow them to see cutting edge techniques used in film making and see modern art masterpieces. This grant would underwrite the cost of admission to the multi-day festival ($199). Students and chaperones will pay for transportation, lodging and meals.

Art Masterpiece
Amount funded: $2,550.23
Year-long Program 2015-16
Grant Recipients - Kathy Herr, Pete O'Connor, Tami Rigling, Mary Whirtley & Chris Yost // Benefits students in grades K-3 This fine arts program exposes children to great works of art and introduces important artists in a fun and engaging manner. Six different artists are selected each year. Children will learn about the artists’ styles, preferred art mediums and iconic works in the context of their culture and time in history. Parent volunteers act as Art Guides to provide a short lesson then lead the children in a discovery of their own personal artistic talents. The Skaneateles Education Foundation [SEF] provides funding for art supplies

Prendergast to Pollock
Amount funded: $402.00
March 2015
Grant Recipient - Tracy Hale // This project will provide students with access to world-class art through an engaging, relevant and inspiring museum art show, Prendergast to Pollock: American Modernism. Students will learn how to identify elements and principals of the design work used and should inspire their own creativity by showing them different styles of modern art. This grant will provide funding for 57 students and 5 chaperones to visit the exhibit. SCSD will provide transportation.

The Puppet People’s Puppet Making Workshop
Amount funded: $200.00
October 2014
Grant Recipient - Jessica Sawchuk // Generating and conceptualizing artistic ideas, developing and refining artistic work for presentation, perceiving and analyzing artistic work, and synthesizing and relating personal experiences to make art are just a few of the NYS Common Core Standards for art. This grant will provide a workshop with professional artists and puppeteers, The Puppet People, to provide a unique experiential learning opportunity.

Saori Weaving
Amount funded: $1,512.00
May 2013
Grant Recipient - Sue Barry // Visiting artist Karen Pardee worked with elementary art teacher, Sue Barry, to bring Saori weaving to all students at State Street Intermediate, resulting in 4 beautiful, collaborative works that hang in the main foyer. Saori weaving is an art of weaving by hand that is dedicated to free expression and self-development for everyone, regardless of physical or mental ability, age, or artistic aptitude.

Tools for Advanced Art
Amount funded: $527.00
February 2012
Grant Recipient -Linda Torrey // The ability to input data with a pen stylus instead of using a mouse is priceless and is used for graphic design, digital photography, digital art, animation and film making. This grant purchased one wireless digital drawing tablet and stylus to provide students exposure to a tool that is often used in advanced art college courses and in design studios. In addition, this grant purchased another advanced art tool – a Photo Studio Table Top Lighting Kit – which allows students to photograph three-dimensional work. This table top will be used by students in art and pre-engineering classes.

Distance Learning: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Amount funded: $1,200.00
September 2011
Grant Recipient - Colleen Anna // As part of the required general music education course, this grant provided funding to examine how rock and roll music has impacted the future of music history; how this style of music came into existence and has affected and been affected by our own culture and social change. The grant will fund 4 distance learning units with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH.

HS Photography Expansion
Amount funded: $670.00
February 2011
Grant Recipient - Linda Torrey // Students participating in photography courses learn basic and advanced photography and processing techniques. Many of these students will go on to pursue college degrees in architecture, photo journalism, graphic design and other related fields. To achieve the best results for photography projects and to provide them access to photography tools that are used in the “real world”, this grant will fund the purchase of a professional grade tripod and an expanded suite of Adobe Photoshop software.

Impressionism Art Expansion – Art Equipment
Amount funded: $200.00
May 2010
Grant Recipient - Jessica Murphy // Currently in the 7th grade curriculum unit “Impressionism in Art and Music”, each student is assigned an impressionistic painter and painting to study. This interdisciplinary unit, designed by Colleen Anna and Jessica Murphy, teaches students the similarities and differences in music and art during this time period and students produce their own impressionistic style artwork. To enrich the unit, a $200 document scanner was purchased to allow for students to scan their original artwork and then apply computer generated impressionist stylizing, expanding the concept and providing greater understanding of the impressionism style.

Musical Theatre Workshop
Amount funded: $1,898.00
May 2010
Grant Recipients - Colleen Anna and Mickey Kringer // Musical theatre is a uniquely American genre of theatre that has been embraced worldwide. The study of musical theatre, including its history, is conducted in high school and middle school choral classes, as well as in required general music classes. This grant provided tuition and hotel costs to allow faculty members Mickey Kringer (H.S.) and Colleen Anna (M.S.) to attend an intensive 3-day workshop, The Broadway Teachers Workshop, designed to inspire teachers with new curriculum materials and teaching methods, and enhanced production skills related to musical theatre.

Digital Photography Expansion – HS Art ColorMunki
Amount funded: $400.00
May 2010
Grant Recipient - Linda Torrey // Recently, a unit of study has been created covering digital photography. The original monies for this unit, including the purchase of 5 Macintosh computers, was provided by a grant from Senator DeFrancisco. This grant request expanded the unit of study by providing a calibration device called “The ColorMunki” which allows controlled communication and color profiles to improve the ability to print what you see on your screen. This technology, utilized by most art and design professions, provides a more “real-world” experience for students. In addition, a secondary benefit is the elimination of ink and paper waste. Finally, because of this, more students will be able to print their portfolios and enter them into local and state-wide competitions.

African Drums Unit
Amount funded: $2,748.00
May 2010
Grant Recipient - Colleen Anna // Since the Skaneateles Middle School music curriculum at each grade level covers pieces of music history, this new unit will provide students with a logical and direct link to all it all started – African drumming. In addition, this unit will cover other aspects of the music curriculum – composition and improvisation – key components of African drumming. This grant provides funds to purchase 19 pieces of drumming equipment and provide for 2 two-hour workshops conducted by Wacheva Cultural Arts, Inc.