As a result of the generous support from over 400 households, foundations and businesses in the Skaneateles community, the following grants have been provided. For more information on an individual grant, please click on the grant title.

3D Printing Expanded
Benefits students in 5th – 8th grades
3D printing is becoming more main stream as it is being used in many different applications and jobs and embraced by many different industries. From architecture, to medicine, to engineering to marketing, exposing our students to 3D printing at an early age will help them understand the unique benefits and opportunities the technology provides, and the software coding that makes it all happen. This grant will expand upon the 2013 High School 3D printing program and fund 3D printing equipment and supplies for 5th – 8th grades.
Applicants: Scott Stagnitta, Heather Buff, Paul Blair
Grant Award: $8000 March 2015

STEM Camp for Waterman
Benefits students entering 1st and 2nd grades
Promoting a love of science, technology, engineering and math will be the primary focus of this camp. Campers will learn and refine their use of the engineering process leading a greater discovery and exploration of the world around them. Two sessions of 20 campers each will be offered in the summer of 2015. Results from the pilot project will be analyzed for possible annual offerings.
Applicants: Mary Arnott, Brian Cohen, Paul Blair
Grant Award: $3190 March 2015

STEM Camp for State Street
Benefits students entering 3rd, 4th and 5th grades
Promoting a love of science, technology, engineering and math will be the primary focus of this camp. Campers will learn and refine their use of the engineering process leading a greater discovery and exploration of the world around them. Two sessions of 20 campers each will be offered in the summer of 2015. Results from the pilot project will be analyzed for possible annual offerings.
Applicants: Erin Brown, Brian Cohen
Grant Award: $2367 March 2015

Art Masterpiece
Benefits students in grades K – 3
This program hopes to expose children to great works of art and to learn about the artists who created them in a fund and engaging manner. Six works of art by six different artists will be selected which will be incorporated with lessons in history, foreign cultures and a variety of art mediums. Parent volunteers will act as Art Guides to represent works of art and lead the children in discovery.
Applicants: Tami Rigling, Mary Whirtley, Kathy Herr, Christopher Yost and Peter O’Connor.
Grant Award: $1829 March 2015

Art and Technology Field Trip
Benefits students in grades 9 – 12
The opportunity to attend the All American High School Film Festival and visit the Museum of Modern Art will give students a broader view of where their artwork and ideas exist in the context of their peers and others. It will allow them to see cutting edge techniques used in film making and see modern art masterpieces. This grant would underwrite the cost of admission to the multi-day festival ($199). Students and chaperones will pay for transportation, lodging and meals.
Applicants: Jessica Sawchuck and Paul Blair
Grant Award: up to $10945 for 55 persons March 2015

Guitar Engineering and Manufacturing
Benefits students in engineering courses
Students in the Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) course build musical instruments each year. This project has earned the recognition of the Association of Stringed Instruments Artisans (ASIA). This grant will fund 6 students and Mr. Slausen to attend the ASIA conference where they will make a 1 hour presentation on the project, participate on a Q&A panel and attend other sessions to learn about modern instrument making techniques. They will also tour the Martin Guitar facility to see how they make instruments using modern manufacturing techniques. The school district will provide transportation.
Applicant: Matt Slausen
Grant Award: $1480 March 2015

Digital Textbook Part II
Benefits all students in 8th grade
This project is an expansion of a project involving Haiku and digital resources to enrich curriculum. Building on the framework created, the classroom will rely entirely on creation of a custom created digital textbook. This pilot will test the blended learning model and differentiated instruction in all 8th grade social studies classes. Objectives include providing social studies material at three different lexile levels, providing content for both visual and auditory learners, and linking “real world” digital content to US history. The grant will fund curriculum development time and 30 Chromebook computers.
Applicants: Jim Ryan, Sharon O’Connell, Joann Trice and Keri O’Connor
Grant Award: $12720 March 2015

Enterprise America Experience
Benefits all students in 7th grade
Enterprise America is a 10,000 sq. ft. education facility that features hands-on, real-life experiences for middle school students allowing them to practice decision making, analytics, inquisition and evaluation. The program focuses on financial literacy, entrepreneurship, consumerism and civic literacy. Upon return students will discuss and evaluate job performances and business operations and calculate and chart their survey data. This grant will fund participation by 101 students. SCSD will provide transportation.
Applicants: Colleen O’Hara and Gary Gerst
Grant Award: $5012 March 2015

College Intelligence – Washington DC Area
Benefits all high school students
College visits by guidance counselors garner invaluable information on entrance requirements, program and degree offerings, merit and financial scholarship requirements and an in-person view of campus student life. This professional development allows them to provide the best information and counsel to Skaneateles students. On-site visits also allow the counselors the opportunity to tell the college about Skaneateles Central Schools and the types of programs and graduates it offers. This grant will provide funding to visit George Washington University, American University, Georgetown and Catholic University of America.
Applicant: Barb Drozynski
Grant Award: $810 March 2015

Pendergast to Pollack at the Everson
Benefits all high school students in Studio Art classes
This project will provide students with access to world-class art through an engaging, relevant and inspiring museum art show, Prendergast to Pollack: American Modernism. Students will learn how to identify elements and principals of the design work used and should inspire their own creativity by showing them different styles of modern art. This grant will provide funding for 57 students and 5 chaperones to visit the exhibit. SCSD will provide transportation.
Applicant: Tracy Hale
Grant Award: $486

MATH Camps
Benefits designated students in grades 3 and 7
These pilot camps are designed to be a research-based intervention for struggling math students. While the objectives are not new, the strategies/interventions being tried are new to the district and CNY. The goals are (1) to improve the mathematical learning of the students that attend the camp and (2) to test strategies/interventions with our teachers and students for possible inclusion into the regular math classroom. The elementary camp will accommodate up to 12 students. The middle school camp will accommodate up to 24 students. Students will be identified and invited to attend the camp. Each family will contribute $20.
Applicants: Brian Cohen, Karen Marino, Keith Lamphere and Trish Donohue
Grant Request: $12,936

Chemistry and Physics Vodcasts
Benefits students in HS Regents Chemistry and Physics classes.
The flipped classroom model is the basis for this project that will develop video-based lectures and link other content delivery systems together to allow students to receive these at home instead of the classroom. By “flipping” the classroom, students can read and learn at their own pace at home, which frees up classroom time for more experiential learning and individualized help with problems from the teacher. This pilot grant would fund 50 hours of development time to create the vodcasts and link other supporting materials through Haiku.
Applicants: Rich Allen and Dan Kurzen
Grant Request: $3950

Vacuum/Pressure Experimentation
Benefits HS students in physical sciences courses.
In any of the physical sciences, understanding the behavior of gases is a key concept. Being able to observe this behavior first hand is an excellent learning tool. Also the ability to observe the behavior of other types of matter, or a physical or chemical process, under the conditions of vacuum or pressure has countless applications in the areas of earth science, chemistry, and physics. While a vacuum pump is a common piece of equipment in a high school laboratory, an apparatus that can produce both vacuum and pressure and can also be adapted for specialized filtration and separation methods is not. This grant would fund such instrumentation.
Applicant: Karl Norris
Grant Award: $1140

Mexican Sugar Skulls: A Cultural Tradition
Benefits all students in Grade 5
Sugar Skulls are a traditional folk art from Southern Mexico. In conjunction with the annual 5th Grade Fiesta Day, which is the culminating activity for the Social Studies unit on the history, government and culture of Mexico, the grant would fund a unit to create sugar skulls. This enrichment activity will provide students with the opportunity to experience a unique and rich cultural tradition of Mexico. As part of the project, a photo essay will be created of the step-by-step process and the final products. Within this photo essay, we will include student quotes reflecting the connections and content understandings they gain from the experience.
Applicants: Heather Buff, Seth Benjamin, Peggy Charles, Kelley McQuiggan, Ellen Wolford
Grant Award: $639

The Flamenco Ballet
Benefits students in Spanish 3, 4 and 5 classes
The study of culture is an important unit of any successful foreign language curriculum. Exposing students to rich cultural experience is the basis for this grant. Students will attend two shows: the first demonstrating dances from multiple countries and the second a Spanish Flamenco. SCSD will pay for teacher substitutes and transportation.
Applicants: Nina Morel, Lauren Wiese, Susan Welch and Kate Webster
Grant Award: $2460

“A Christmas Carol” by the Puppet People
Benefits all 7th grade students
The study of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is part of the 7th grade NYS Common Core Curriculum. Students will gain an additional level of understanding by experiencing the classic piece of literature in a live performance. Students will analyze the extent to which the production stays faithful or departs from the text, evaluating choices made by the performers. This program will provide an opportunity for all students to experience a professional dramatic production. The performance will be conducted in the high school auditorium in December.
Applicants: Josh Williams and Lauren Pohl
Grant Award: $900

Puppet Making Workshop
Benefits High School Studio and Advanced Art classes
Generating and conceptualizing artistic ideas, developing and refining artistic work for presentation, perceiving and analyzing artistic work, and synthesizing and relating personal experiences to make art are just a few of the NYS Common Core Standards for art. This grant will provide a workshop with professional artists and puppeteers, The Puppet People, to provide a unique experiential learning opportunity.
Applicants: Jessica Sawchuck
Grant Award: $150

3D Printing: Bringing Ideas to Life
Benefits all students in H.S. and M.S. Engineering and Technology classes
Wikipedia describes 3D printing as a “process of making a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape from a digital model. 3D printing is achieved using an additive process, where successive layers of material are laid down in different shapes.” This process is used in many fields, from manufacturing to architecture. Providing our students with early exposure to this technology will give them an understanding of real-world applications and give them a significant advantage with college readiness. This grant will fund the purchase of a Stratasys uPrint SE printer.
Applicants: Rob Tuttle, Matt Slausen, Scott Stagnitta
Grant Award: $13,998

Engineering is Elementary for State Street
Benefits all students in grades 3- 5
A 2011 study found that students are deciding as early as second- and third grade whether they like, and think they are good at, math and science. Other studies suggest engineering activities help build classroom equity. The engineering design process removes the stigma from failure; instead, failure is an important part of the problem-solving process and a positive way to learn. Equally important, in engineering there’s no single “right” answer; one problem can have many solutions. In addition to building these 21st century skills, engineering activities call for students to apply what they know about math and science. And, because engineering activities are based on real-world problems, they help children see how math and science are relevant to their lives. This grant will bring more engineering units into State Street Intermediate School, giving our students the opportunity to develop and nurture both skills as well as a love for math, science, technology, and engineering.
Applicants: Erin Brown and Brian Cohen
Grant Award: $1138

21st Century Digital Data Collection
Benefits all students in H.S. Physics, Engineering and Statistics classes
In today’s STEM driven society preparing our students to use 21st century sensors and interfaces for precise, real-time data collection is imperative. Doing so will allow students to collect data, often at sample rates of thousands per second, and watch the data be graphed in real-time on a computer that is designed to work hand-in-hand with the sensors and interfaces. Such accuracy allows students to obtain more precise experimental results and do so quicker, which gives them more time to focus on data analysis and drawing conclusions. This grant will provide our high school physics and technology classrooms with Vernier sensors, interfaces, and software.
Applicants: Dan Kurzen and Matt Slauson
Grant Award: $4505

Incredible Kindergarten Connections
Benefits all grade K classes.
In the 2013/2014 school year, Skaneateles moved from a half-day to full-day program. New state core curriculum changes further changed the landscape for teachers and students in the classroom. Kindergarten teacher Bridget Patterson attended the 4 day 2013 National Kindergarten Teacher Conference to research innovative instructional practices and tried and true practices for full-day Kindergarten students. She attended classes and networked with other participants, and will share with all grade level faculty.
Applicants: Bridget Patterson
Grant Award: $1988

National Strength and Conditioning Conference
Benefits all 6-12 PE students.
The Physical Education class of today is not what the “gym class” of yesterday was. Today’s PE class incorporates more information about choices, habits and lifestyles to assure wellness and overall good health. For many students, knowing how to deal with stress and to maximize exercise, both at home and at a facility is learned through PE. Faculty members Jill and John King gained new techniques, programs and research by attending the NSCA Conference.
Applicants: Jill and John King
Grant Award: $2040

Haiku Seed Project
Benefits many students in grades 5 - 12
A new and powerful paradigm shift is being tested with great success around the country. It involves “flipping” the classroom to provide the “lecture” at home and the “homework” in the classroom. By allowing teachers to focus on the hands on learning and practice, they can provide superior individualized instruction. Along with this new approach comes an increased use of technology and social media style tools to communicate between teacher and student. This grant will purchase 500 subscriptions ($5000) to Haiku, the powerful online learning environment. An additional up to 200 subscriptions ($2000) may be tested in Phase 2. If the seed project is successful, the school district will budget for the annual student subscriptions after the initial one year seed period.
Applicants: Scott Stagnitta, Mitch Major, Lori Usifer, Liz Hyatt, Pete Chapman, Seth Benjamin
Grant Award: $5000-$7000

Mariachi Music for 5th Grade
Benefits all students in grade 5
Every year, the fifth grade has a social studies unit of study covering Latin America and Mexico, which culminates in a “Fiesta Day Celebration”. During “Fiesta” students are exposed to the culture and traditions of Mexico. This grant will fund the Marcos Santiago and Los Arpegios; a Mariachi Trio from Rochester, New York to participate in the fiesta celebration by providing music during the fiesta luncheon, classroom workshops and a formal concert at the end of the day. This opportunity will enrich the experience of our students by bringing them in direct contact with the work of traditional Latin American musicians and instruments.
Applicant: Heather Buff
Grant Award: $600

Engineering is Elementary
Benefits all students in grades K - 2
Educators are realizing that for students to develop a real passion for STEM-related studies and careers, their interest must be sparked at a very early age. Recently, Waterman School created a STEM laboratory to provide an opportunity for students to explore and learn STEM-related concepts. This grant funded additional resources to expand the laboratory, specifically adding Engineering is Elementary units, created by the Museum of Science in Boston.
Applicants: Mary Arnott, Brian Cohen, Gary Gerst, Paul Blair
Grant Award: $4609

Robotics on the Move
Benefits all students in grades 5 and 8
For the last 6 years, Skaneateles middle school students have experienced and benefited from a unique learning unit involving robotics and computer programming. The program, originally funded by a grant from the Allyn Foundation and then two additional grants from SEF, has been wildly successful and popular with students. Interestingly, the original Lego NXT Kits purchased 6 years ago have actually become less challenging for 8th graders over the years. In fact, the authors of this grant recommend that the Lego NXT Kits be shifted to the 5th grade, introducing students to robotics and computer programming at an even earlier age. Chromebooks were purchased to provide classroom portability and support the NXT software. Subsequently, this grant also provided funding for new Lego EV3 Robotics kits to be used in the 8th grade. This grant will fund curriculum development hours for both programs.
Applicants: Scott Stagnitta, Seth Benjamin, Paul Blair, Steve Widrick and Brian Cohen
Grant Award: $18,025

Literacy for All Conference
Benefits all students in Grades K-2
Everyone understands the importance of obtaining literacy skills in primary school and the use of early intervention programs if students need help. Staying current with new and effective strategies and techniques is important to all teachers who are responsible for this critical developmental skill. This grant provided partial funding for four Waterman reading teachers to attend the 24th Annual Literacy for All Conference. Participants attended workshops covering a wide variety of topics including Common Core Standars, Kindergarten Literacy, Technology and Literacy, Literacy Coaching, Guided Reading, Comprehension and others.
Applicants: Sue Vanderpool, Heather Von Uderitz, Diane Stellmack and Cari Danaher.
Grant Award: $1000

Searching for Sal: My Weeklong Adventure on the Erie Canal
2013 Jean Graham Fund Award
Betsy Smith, a State Street teacher, spent one week living on a boat and navigating the Erie Canal. In the state of New York, 4th grade is the year the students learn about New York state history. Betsy has always been intrigued with the canal and was able to get a personal experience of traveling the canal, going through the locks and visiting the canal museums and towns along the way. She has video taped her adventure and created a custom Erie Canal unit for all 4th grade students to experience.
Grant Award: $2825

Strategic Reading Instruction: Dr. Rachel Billmeyer Returns.
Benefits all students in grades K- 5
Building on instruction delivered during a Fall 2012 workshop, Dr. Billmeyer will return for two days of workshops to meet in small grade level groups. This more intimate format will facilitate greater targeted content-area literacy techniques and strategies. The school district has committed to fund ½ of this $9000 program.
Applicant: Pat Brown
Grant Award: $4500

Constructing the Erie Canal
Benefits all students in grade 4
New York State history is the focal point of 4th grade Social Studies instruction. A key topic that is covered is the construction of the Erie Canal. This grant funded an hour long live program by professor and National Geographic author Martha Kendall. The use of instruments and songs to bring this time period to life showed the children first- hand the key role that the canal played throughout history.
Applicant: Monique Ryan
Grant Award: $500

The MOST Presents: Interconnected Energy, Life, and Water.
Benefits all students in grade 4
Fourth grade is a transitional year for science education. Students take the comprehensive New York State Science exam, covering what they have learned over their school careers. This is also the year when science becomes more of a focal point in their curriculum. The Museum of Science and Technology (MOST) Traveling Science Show uses interactive demonstrations and a live animal to teach important environmental science concepts and promote conservation. This grant provided pilot funding for two performances of Interconnected: Energy, Life, and Water.
Applicant: Monique Ryan
Grant Award: $210

Shakespeare Comes to Life at Syracuse Stage
Benefits all students in grade 8
A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the play featured in the 8th grade English/Language Arts curriculum, which serves to provide students with an introduction to the works of William Shakespeare. There is no better way to introduce Shakespeare than through a live professional quality production. This grant funded a field-trip to Syracuse Stage for a performance. This opportunity also allowed students who have never seen a live theater production to experience one.
Applicants: Josh Williams and Lauren Pohl
Grant Award: $1750

Zooming In, Zooming Ahead
Benefits all students in grades 6 – 12
Increasingly, the communication of ideas and subjects is moving from the page to the computer. Teachers are assigning video projects in their classrooms, professors are rewarding students for their effective use of video and employers are expecting employees to successfully communicate ideas, across the globe, using technology. Project Zooming In, Zooming Ahead expands opportunities for students to learn video production and has the potential to reach into and enhance every academic area—from science and journalism to art and social studies. Unique opportunities will be provided for students to creatively use video in classroom projects and programs. Another key element is that it levels the playing field for all students in the district, by giving them access to powerful tools at school, including dynamic and expert instruction. Now, regardless of what media equipment you might have access to at home, all students can create, excel and succeed. Watch a student-created video documentary on this grant for more details.
Applicants: Dr. Judy Pastel, Dr. Paul Blair, Rob Tuttle, Lori Ruhlman
Grant Award: $49,150

Advancing School Psychology II
Benefits all students in all grades.
School psychologists have extensive training in assessment, progress monitoring, instruction, child development and psychology, consultation, counseling, crisis response, program evaluation, and data collection and analysis. This training is specific to application within the school context, both general and special education, and also includes extensive knowledge in school systems and the law. This grant would fund participation in the annual New York Association of School Psychologists conference, which is being held in Buffalo. The conference will provide Skaneateles school psychologists with new resources and best practice techniques to provide improved care to students needing their services and to the general population who are impacted by policies/procedures generated from their offices.
Grant Recipients: Vicky Garrett (grades 6 – 12) and Brian Hart (K – 5)
Grant Amount: $1000

Family History Project
Benefits some students in grade 7
An interdisciplinary project in the 7th grade involves students researching and reporting on their family history. This project incorporates social studies and language arts, while also teaching research skills. This grant would fund a pilot program which utilizes a new software program, Proquest, to help students research ancestry.
Applicant: Lori Usifer
Grant Award: $971

2012 Jean Graham Fund Award
Benefits all students in Honors Biology and AP Environmental Sciences
Professional development opportunities provide teachers with increased knowledge of a particular area of study, which translates into new opportunities for students in the classroom. This grant provides funding to attend the College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine to spend two weeks studying animal behavior, field ecology and natural history.
Applicant: Rick Garrett
Grant Award: $3000, April 2012

Strategic Reading Instruction across the Content Areas with Dr. Rachel Billmeyer
Benefits all students in K-5 grades and provides Professional Development for all teachers in K-5 grades.
Developing strategic readers who “think about their thinking” and strategic reading in the content areas (such as social studies, science, math and health) is the central focus for this grant. Dr. Rachel Billmeyer is a renowned expert on this subject and will present a workshop for teachers on strategies and teaching methods to accomplish this goal.
Applicant: Pat Brown
Grant Award: $4000, March 2012

Building Literacy through Poetry
Seed project for 3rd Grade
Teaching poetry as performance art in the classroom and performing it on stage helps improve children’s reading, writing, listening, content knowledge and speaking skills. This grant provided funding to create and implement strategies for incorporation of poetry into the third grade curriculum.
Applicant: Dannie Taylor
Grant Award: $900, March 2012

Enhanced Spectrophotometry
Benefits all H.S. students in Honors Chemistry, AP Biology, Ecology, AP Environmental
Spectrophotometry, a branch of science where various colors of light are used to assist with chemical analysis, is a routine part of the study of chemistry and biology at the undergraduate and graduate level, and is introduced to students at the high school level. The Spec 20 model has been used since the 1950’s. Today, updated digital electronics in the Spec 200 provides for improved efficiency and measurement capability. This grant provided funding for the purchase of one Spec 200, providing expanded laboratory opportunities and exposure to lab methodologies likely to be found in college and the workplace.
Grantees: Bill Pingel, Karl Norris and Dr. Margaret Culkowski
Grant Award: $1404, March 2012

A Better Way to Teach Graphing Calculators
Benefits all 9-12 math students
Graphing calculators play a major role in all math courses offered at the secondary level and mastery is required for state Regents exams. This grant purchased TI Smartview Emulator Software to be used in conjunction with Smart Boards for all math classrooms. This software allows teachers to demonstrate interactively how to perform calculations, providing for more visual learning and the ability to show key stroke history.
Applicant: Elizabeth Chalanick
Grant Award: $1200, February 2012

Tools for Advanced Art
Benefits all H.S art students
The ability to input data with a pen stylus instead of using a mouse is priceless and is used for graphic design, digital photography, digital art, animation and film making. This grant purchased one wireless digital drawing tablet and stylus to provide students exposure to a tool that is often used in advanced art college courses and in design studios. In addition, this grant purchased another advanced art tool – a Photo Studio Table Top Lighting Kit – which allows students to photograph three dimensional work. This table top will be used by students in art and pre-engineering classes.
Applicant: Linda Torrey
Grant Award: $527, February 2012

Presentation by Author Lynne Cox
Benefits all Middle School students, and members of the community
Lynne Cox is a speaker and author of “Swimming to Antarctica”. In her book, she recounts her years of preparation and the experiences associated with swimming most of the major “open water venues” like the English Channel, Alaska to Russia and other famous bodies of water around the world, all leading up to her world record swim to Antarctica. Her experiences are lessons in geography, diplomacy and life skills which she will share during an assembly with middle school students. She will also present at a general public event later in the evening.
Applicant: Sharon O’Connell
Grant Award: $2000, February 2012

Stitching Together Math, History and Consumer Sciences
Benefits all students in grades 6-8
Students often learn best by hands on teaching methods and projects. For the Consumer Sciences course, this grant provided a new unit of learning to teach the use of sewing machines, while supporting Common Core state standards like math and history. Projects will include taking and calculating measurements; researching and designing historical period clothing; and creating items from recycled materials.
Applicant: Colleen O’Hara
Grant Award: $1800, February 2012

Power of Powerpoint
Benefits all students in third grade
Understanding that kids learn in many different ways and modalities, providing students with a chance to acquire new information through pictures, sounds, videos, colorful displays, transitions, effects, etc., is important and exciting. This grant provided funding to create power point lessons that can be used by the entire third grade.
Applicant: Pete O’Connor
Grant Award: $875, January 2012

Teaching 6 + 1 Traits of Writing Using Multimedia
Benefits all fifth grade students
The 6 +1 Traits of Writing program is used at State Street to help teach the mandated New York State Department of Education standards. Donna Dennihy applied for and received a grant last year from the foundation to work on one of the traits. She incorporated various forms of music including podcasts, videos, and original recordings from musicians, using her own personal Macintosh computer. This grant provided funding to continue this multimedia program to other traits. Programming will be shared with all fifth grade classrooms.
Grantees: Donna Dennihy and Connie Bohrer
Grant Award: $3213, October 2011

Greenhouse Enrichment Project
Benefits all students in 10th Grade Honors Bio, all Ecology Classes and the Environmental Club students
The mission of this project is to provide an opportunity to learn hands-on plant sciences. This grant provided funding to update the greenhouse and expand the curriculum to include units on plant physiology, growth, germination and development. Specifically, experiments will include:
• Biomass to energy conversion
• Water use efficiency
• Effects of environmental pollution on seed germination
• Soil additives and Composting
• Macronutrient efficiencies
• Organic fertilizer studies
• Wavelength use
• Monocot vs dicot development
• Plant growth hormone
Another project of particular interest will be experimentation on milfoil. This new unit of study will test the effectiveness of milfoil as a soil additive on a number of plant types and in combination with other additives to determine best way to effectively utilize this otherwise nuisance invasive species.
Applicant: Rick Garrett
Grant Award: $6625, September 2011

Video Editing for Middle School Students
Benefits all students in Grade 8 and some students in Grade 6
Beginning with the 2011-2012 school year, all eighth grade students are required to take a new course, Information 8, as part of the NYSED mandated curriculum. This course is designed to explore the world of information and computer technology and prepare the student to be “technology literate” by graduation. This grant funded equipment and software to teach basic video editing skills. In addition, Seth Benjamin’s 6th grade social studies units will touch on the basics of video editing using this equipment.
Grantees: Rob Tuttle and Seth Benjamin
Grant Award: $982 , September 2011

Distance Learning: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Benefits all 8th grade students
As part of the required general music education course, this grant provided funding to examine how rock and roll music has impacted the future of music history; how this style of music came into existence and has affected and been affected by our own culture and social change. The grant will fund 4 distance learning units with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH.
Grantees: Colleen Anna and Paul Blair
Grant Award: $1200, September 2011

Digital Story Design
Benefits all students in grades 3-5
The newest growing area in children’s literature is the graphic novel, which is a highly visual book with colorful drawings and text boxes. This type of book has been found to be particularly successful in engaging reluctant readers. This grant provided funding to purchase 25 computer drawing for a new unit of study which will allow students to create their own digital stories. The computer drawing tablets will become an integral part of the library literacy program with digital storytelling as a key component.
Applicant: Deb Covell
Grant Award: $1750, September 2011

Advancing School Psychology
Benefits all students in all grades
School psychologists have extensive training in assessment, progress monitoring, instruction, child development and psychology, consultation, counseling, crisis response, program evaluation, and data collection and analysis. This training is specific to application within the school context, both general and special education, and also includes extensive knowledge in school systems and the law. This grant provided funding for participation in the annual New York Association of School Psychologists conference, which was held near Syracuse. The conference provided Skaneateles school psychologists with new resources and best practice techniques to provide improved care to students needing their services and to the general population who are impacted by school and state policies/procedures.
Grantees: Vicky Garrett (grades 6-12) and Brian Hart (K-5)
Grant Award: $700, September 2011

AASL Conference
Benefits all students in grades 6-8
The American Association of School Librarians conference is the premier conference for school librarians and is held every two years. These conferences provide endless ideas for library/reading related units of study and especially techniques and programs to engage all students, whether proficient or reluctant readers. This grant partially funded participation by the middle school librarian at the 2011 conference in Minneapolis by paying her registration fee and contributing to her travel expenses.
Applicant: Sharon O’Connell
Grant Award: $905, September 2011

College Intel II
Benefits all college-bound high school students
Today's high school guidance counselors are under increased pressure to have comprehensive knowledge of college and university opportunities available to their graduates. This grant will provide funding to visit three colleges in the New York State area.
Applicant: Mark Barnes
Grant Award: $510, September 2010

Impressionism Art Expansion
Serves all students grades 6-8
Currently in the 7th grade curriculum unit “Impressionism in Art and Music”, each student is assigned an impressionistic painter and painting to study. This interdisciplinary unit, designed by Colleen Anna and Jessica Murphy, teaches students the similarities and differences in music and art during this time period and students produce their own impressionistic style artwork. To enrich the unit, a $200 document scanner was purchased to allow for students to scan their original artwork and then apply computer generated impressionist stylizing, expanding the concept and providing greater understanding of the impressionism style.
Applicant: Jessica Murphy
Grant Award: $200, May 2010

iPads for Speech
Benefits students in speech therapy in grades K-12.
Increasingly, new technology is having a greater impact on education, as sophisticated equipment and software provides customized learning modules to address very specific needs. This grant will provide for 3 iPads to be used for assistive therapy and speech-language therapy.
Grant Recipient: Corina Bone
Grant Award: $2200, Feb. 2011 

Connecting Young Adult Boys with Books
Benefits all boys in grades 9-12
It is challenging to provide relevant and interesting materials to keep teenage boys engaged in daily reading activities. By high school, many boys have moved away from reading popular fiction and prefer other types of books. This grant will purchase books for an expanded collection of biography, autobiography, survival, sports, mystery, historical fiction, adventure and science fiction titles for the high school library.
Grant Recipient: Rachel Lewis, later assumed by Georgette Hoskins
Grant Award: $1000, Feb. 2011 

Benefits all middle school students.
The Edugame Student Response System allows teachers to question, receive instantaneous results of the questions and provide immediate individualized feedback on responses to students in review of any curriculum material and in preparation for any curriculum test. This grant provides for one Edugame system which can be shared and utilized in any middle school classroom.
Grant Recipient: Rich Allen, James Ryan, Ginnine Ranalli, Carrie Viggiano and Sue Sterling
Grant Award: $2759, Feb. 2011 

HS Photography Expansion
Benefits all grade 9 - 12 students in art classes.
Students participating in photography courses learn basic and advanced photography and processing techniques. Many of these students will go on to pursue college degrees in architecture, photo journalism, graphic design and other related fields. To achieve the best results for photography projects and to provide them access to photography tools that are used in the “real world”, this grant will fund the purchase of a professional grade tripod and an expanded suite of Adobe Photoshop software.
Grant Recipient: Linda Torrey
Grant Award:$670, Feb. 2011

College Visitation III
Benefits all college bound 11th and 12th graders.
Keeping current on college information and forging relationships with college admission staff is critical for HS guidance counselors as they help families determine the best fit for their college bound student. This grant will provide funding support to visit Gettysburg College (PA) and Wake Forest, Duke and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (NC).
Grant Recipient:Barb Drozynski
Grant Award: $500, Feb. 2011 

Lego Expansion II
Benefits all students in 8th grade.
The Lego Mindstorms program is utilized in the 8th grade technology course, to teach science, technology, engineering and math skills (STEM). This project was originally funded by the Allyn Foundation (2007) and expanded by the Skaneateles Education Foundation (2010). This grant will provide funding for additional equipment and sensors to provide expanded opportunities for hands-on instruction of STEM skills. Grant Recipient: Scott Stagnitta
Grant Award: $2879, Feb. 2011 

Distance Learning Technology
Benefits all students in Skaneateles Central Schools.
Currently, hundreds of national and international museums, and historic and natural sites of interest, provide classroom virtual field trips. Conducted by a docent or staff member of the museum, these field trips utilize cameras and microphones for real-time interaction and viewing with and by the students. The distance learning equipment and programs will open up endless opportunities for students in our community, to take field trips to locations such as the Smithsonian Institute, the Holocaust Museum, and the Great Wall of China, without leaving their classroom. The equipment purchased with this grant can be utilized by any teacher in any building to enrich their curriculum.
Grant Recipient: Dr. Paul Blair
Grant Award: $4345, Feb. 2011 

African Drums Unit – Benefits all Middle School students.
Since the Skaneateles Middle School music curriculum at each grade level covers pieces of music history, this new unit will provide students with a logical and direct link to all it all started – African drumming. In addition, this unit will cover other aspects of the music curriculum – composition and improvisation – key components of African drumming. This grant provides funds to purchase 19 pieces of drumming equipment and provide for 2 two hour workshops conducted by Wacheva Cultural Arts, Inc.
Grant Recipient: Colleen Anna
Grant Award: $2648, Sept 2010 

College Intelligence – Benefits college-bound juniors and seniors
Today's high school guidance counselors are under increased pressure to have comprehensive knowledge of college and university opportunities available to their graduates. Parents and students often rely on their guidance counselors to help them determine a “good fit” for their college futures. College visits by guidance counselors garner invaluable information on entrance requirements, program and degree offerings, merit and financial scholarship requirements and an in-person view of campus student life. This grant provides an opportunity to visit The College of Saint Rose in Albany, SUNY Plattsburgh and SUNY Cobleskill.
Grant Recipient: Mark Barnes
Grant Award: $510, Sept 2010

Musical Theatre Unit - Benefits high school and middle school choral students and general music class students.
Musical theatre is a uniquely American genre of theatre that has been embraced worldwide. The study of musical theatre, including its history, is conducted in high school and middle school choral classes, as well as in required general music classes. This grant provided tuition and hotel costs to allow faculty members Mickey Kringer (H.S.) and Colleen Anna (M.S.) to attend an intensive 3 day workshop, The Broadway Teachers Workshop, designed to inspire teachers with new curriculum materials and teaching methods, and enhanced production skills related to musical theatre.
Grant Recipients: Mickey Kringer and Colleen Anna
Grant Awards: $1878, June 2010

Enhanced “Time Travel” History Unit – Benefits 6th grade students
Lori Usifer and Mitch Major have designed “Time Travel” movies for the 6th grade social studies curriculum. These movies allow students to “travel” to Neolithic times, ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. The funding to develop this curriculum was provided by summer grants from the school district. This grant provided funding for Final Cut Express software,to be utilized by both teachers, to expand the level and ability of the “time travelers” to visit unique locations. Final Cut Express provides for a “green screen” allowing “visits” to anywhere they have video (i.e. standing on the Great Wall of China).
Grant Recipient: Lori Usifer
Grant Award: $200, June 2010

Six Traits of Writing Enrichment  - Benefits students in 4th and 5th grade language arts, including special education students.
All 4th and 5th grade students in Skaneateles Central Schools participate in a program called “Six Traits of Writing”. Developed to teach mandated NY State Dept of Education standards, “Six Traits” teaches ideas and content; word choice; organization; voice/personality; and sentence fluency. This grant provided curriculum development time to create innovative programming using music to teach these writing fundamentals. Formal lesson plans incorporating various forms of music including podcasts, video of famous musicians, original recordings and NPR segments were created.
Grant Recipient: Donna Dennihy
Grant Award: $700, June 2010

Digital Photography Expansion  - Benefits all high school art students
Recently, a unit of study has been created covering digital photography. The original monies for this unit, including the purchase of 5 Macintosh computers, was provided by a grant from Senator DeFrancisco. This grant request expanded the unit of study by providing a calibration device called “The ColorMunki” which allows controlled communication and color profiles to improve the ability to print what you see on your screen. This technology, utilized by most art and design professions, provides a more “real-world” experience for students. In addition, a secondary benefit is the elimination of ink and paper waste. Finally, because of this, more students will be able to print their portfolios and enter them into local and state-wide competitions.
Grant Recipient: Linda Torrey
Grant Award: $400, June 2010

College Intelligence – Benefits college-bound juniors and seniors
Today's high school guidance counselors are under increased pressure to have comprehensive knowledge of college and university opportunities available to their graduates. Parents and students often rely on their guidance counselors to help them determine a “good fit” for their college futures. College visits by guidance counselors garner invaluable information on entrance requirements, program and degree offerings, merit and financial scholarship requirements and an in-person view of campus student life. This grant allowed our high school counselors the opportunity to visit 3 New York based universities including Canisius, D’Youville, and Buffalo State.
Grant Recipients: Mary Lou Ingram, Mark Barnes, Barb Drozynski
Grant Award: $174, June 2010

8th Grade Trip Assistance
This grant provided financial assistance for 5 eighth grade students to participate in their class trip to Washington, DC.
Grant Recipient: Identified students
Grant Award: $416, May 2010

Pre-Algebra 7 Polydron Manipulatives - Benefits all 7th grade students.
Often students in pre-algebra have difficulty conceptualizing and visualizing geometric solids. While students must learn algebra concepts for testing purposes, often they do not understand the concepts. These polydron manipulatives aid in spatial visualization and make abstract concepts more concrete and have been recommended by the National Council of Math Teachers (NCTM). The manipulatives come with curriculum aids and worksheets for students. Lamphere suggests that these manipulatives will help balance “teaching to the test versus teaching for understanding.” This grant purchased one classroom set for each 7th grade algebra teacher.
Grant Recipient: Keith Lamphere
Grant Award: $740, February 2010

Middle School Lego Mindstorm Program – Benefits all 8th grade students
Currently, students in the 8th grade technology course utilize the Lego Mindstorm Program, a national award-winning program to promote hands-on learning of STEM principals in the classroom (STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). The original Mindstorm Program was funded in 2008 by a $10,000 grant from the Allyn Foundation. This new grant provided money to expand the program by purchasing and utilizing advanced sensors to allow students to expand the capabilities of the robots they are required to program and build during the class. These RFID, radio frequency identification detectors, allow students to program commands into their robots, instructing them to do a certain reaction (movement or sound). By providing this higher level of robotic capability, students will have increased knowledge and hands-on experience of STEM principals.
Grant Recipient: Scott Stagnitta
Grant Award: $1992, February 2010

High School Pre-engineering Components – Benefits 11th and 12th grade students in pre-engineering studies.
Currently, the Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Principles of Engineering, Digital Electronics and Engineering Design and Development classes use Fischertechnik equipment to teach STEM principals. This program is part of the national Project Lead the Way pre-engineering program through the Rochester Institute of Technology. The grant provided for a new unit of study by purchasing equipment to allow students to explore hydraulics, pneumatics and control systems, taking this program to a higher level of hands-on learning. Students will benefit as these components will allow them to understand real world manufacturing applications.
Grant Recipients: Matt Slauson and Robert Tuttle
Grant Award: $2275, February 2010

Assistance for At-Risk Student
This grant provided financial assistance to allow a student that was at risk of drop-out to attend a highly effective camp to help get the student back on track. Funding for this grant was made possible by a gift from an anonymous donor.
Grant Recipient: Identified Student
Grant Award: $500, July 2009

Eric Carle Workshop for Teachers – Serves Kindergarten students.
This grant provided funding for a faculty member to attend a teacher’s workshop by renowned children’s book author Eric Carle. Teaching methodologies learned helped enrich the Kindergarten curriculum.
Grant Recipient: Barb Delmonico
Grant Award: $500, June 2009

Music Lessons
Financial assistance was provided for students who were not able to afford supplementary music education lessons. Funding for these grants was provided by a restricted gift from the Skaneateles Music Guild.
Grant Recipient: Identified Students
Grant Award: $1600, June 2009

Educational Websites – serves students in 2nd grade.
This grant provided funding to develop a program to integrate educational websites for enrichment of the 2nd grade curriculum. This pilot program was reviewed by other grade levels for possible integration into their curricula. More than 75 websites were identified and grouped according to content. Student activities were created to go with each website, thereby offering teachers easy access to very usable content and material to enrich the second grade curriculum.
Grant Recipient: Mary Arnott
Grant Award: $700, June 2009

8th Grade Trip Assistance
This grant provided financial assistance for 7 eighth grade students to participate in their class trip to Washington, DC. Funding for this grant was made possible by a gift from the Skaneateles High School Class of 1951.
Grant Recipient: Identified Students
Grant Award: $918, May 2009