Advanced Infant Simulators
Amount funded: $5,008.20
June 2018
Grant Recipient - Jeri Whiting // This grant provided funding for the purchase of 5 RealCare advanced Infant Simulators, along with comprehensive curriculum software for use in HS Health classes for the Parenting Unit, and the 8th grade Human Growth and Development unit.
Super Summer Stories
Amount funded: $351.00
June 2018
Grants Recipients - Connie Bohrer, Betsy Smith & Heather Von Uderitz // Book club gatherings in July and August. Each of our three reading specialists at State Street School will lead a one-hour book group session for each one of the three grade levels. They will engage in discussions around standards-based questions and model high-impact comprehension strategies to counteract summer loss.
iD Tech Scholarships
Amount funded: $3,102.00
June 2018
Grant Recipients - Jill Boyer and Matheu Campbell // iD Tech offers week long STEM camps during the summer at various colleges across the country. Students select programs that include coding, game development, engineering, design, or robotics. Jill Boyer and Matheu Campbell were the recipients. Jill will study Cybersecurity and Encrypting at Ohio State, and Matheu is taking the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course at Princeton.
Colonial Horn Books
Amount funded: $554.85
May 2018
Grant Recipient - Rebecca Goodell // Each year the 4th graders study life in colonial times and visit a one-room schoolhouse in the spring. As the students read and summarize the details of colonial life, they write in their “horn books” imitating how children may have learned long ago. Students generally make their horn books each year, but they are not durable, or reusable. The 4th grade team would like to purchase durable and reusable hornbooks cut from Sintra (hard PVC board).
Positivity Project Training for State Street
Amount funded: $2,766.95
May 2018
Grant Recipient - Patrick Brown // 10 State Street educators will attend training to learn how to implement The Positivity Project in classrooms and school-wide. The training is on July 10th at SLL BOCES in Canton, NY. Attendees will include Patrick Brown, counselor Abbie Paine, 2 teachers from each grade level, and 2 specials teachers. The educators will learn the 24 character strengths and how to build a positive school culture. The goal for implementation at State Street is fall 2018.
Visiting Author – Nikki Grimes
Amount funded: $2,000.00
May 2018
Grant Recipient - Kate Hardy // Nikki Grimes is an author and a prolific artist. She has written many award winning books for children and young adults. On November 2, 2018 she will be talking to the entire ninth grade class about her poetry and verse novels. She will follow-up the class talk with one or two smaller break-out sessions. The timing of the visit aligns with the ninth grade poetry unit.
Honors Pre-Calc Website
Amount funded: $1,560.00
May 2018
Grant Recipient - Doug Lewis // Mr. Lewis will spend 40 hours upgrading his current pre-calculus website to include various videos for student use. The videos will consist of tutorials and examples of problems covered in class. Students will be involved in helping to create the videos. They will then be cut and uploaded to the website. The videos will assist students with completing homework assignments and studying for tests and quizzes. The district has also committed to funding an additional 50+ summer hours for this project.
Odyssey of the Mind 2018
Amount funded: $400.00
May 2018
Grant Recipient - Kelley McQuiggan // Assistance provided for travel expenses to OOTM Worlds.
Matthew Slauson: History of Tech. & Eng. Through the Musical Instrument Manufacturing in the UK & France (2018)
Amount funded: $3,898.00
March 2018
Grant Recipient - Matthew Slauson // Travel to UK and France, work with and learn flute making, visit museums and tour Selmer instrument manufacturing faciltiy in Paris
Physical Science Project Based Learning Activities
Amount funded: $2,150.00
March 2018
Grant Recipient - Richard Allen // To develop project based learning activities for physical science students, in the non-accelerated 8th grade science class
World Language Camp
Amount funded: $1,400.00
March 2018
Grant Recipients - Amy Tormey and Kate Webster //
Donna Dennihy: Integrazione Scolastica (school integration): The Study of Italy’s Inclusive Practices (2018)
Amount funded: $0
March 2018
Grant Recipient - Donna Dennihy // Study the Italian inclusive education system