The Board of Directors is comprised of community members who share a common interest in assuring the best possible education for children in our community. Several are SCS alumni and former faculty members. All have committed their own financial support to the Foundation and its mission.

Cristy Winkelman ‘80


Thomas Seeley

Past President

Patti Carey

President Elect

Chad Marsh


Kristi Peterson


Heather Carroll
Executive Director

Ken Slentz
Kerry Brogan '86
Curt Coville

District Liaisons

Stephen Chabot
Debra Covell
Valerie Jerabeck
Lynne Marie S. Jones
Sophie Keefer
Claudine Labeille '87
Todd Marshall, PhD
John D. Mashia Jr.

Aisha McConochy
Chris Neumann
Nate Pepper
Molly Phillips
Andy Ramsgard
Sandra Scott
Dannie Taylor '68

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