Humanities Grants

The humanities are academic disciplines that study human culture – the study of language, literature, history and the social sciences. A strong foundation in the humanities is at the core of a well-educated student. In this ever-changing and increasingly digital age, SEF has supported teacher grants that explore new technologies and curricula that engage students and provide instruction that is relevant and inspiring.

Humanities Grants
Humanities Grants
Humanities Grants
Humanities Grants


Through generous support from over 400 households, foundations and businesses in the Skaneateles community, the following grants have been provided under Humanities For more information on an individual grant, please click on the grant title.

Stitching Together Math, History and Consumer Sciences
Amount funded: $1,800.00
February 2012
Students often learn best by hands on teaching methods and projects. For the Consumer Sciences course, this grant provided a new unit of learning to teach the use of sewing machines, while supporting Common Core state standards like math and history. Projects will include taking and calculating measurements; researching and designing historical period clothing; and creating items from recycled materials.
Digital Story Design
Amount funded: $1,750.00
September 2011
The newest growing area in children’s literature is the graphic novel, which is a highly visual book with colorful drawings and text boxes. This type of book has been found to be particularly successful in engaging reluctant readers. This grant provided funding to purchase 25 computer drawing tablets for a new unit of study which will allow students to create their own digital stories. The computer drawing tablets will become an integral part of the library literacy program with digital storytelling as a key component.
Teaching 6+1 Traits of Writing Using Multimedia
Amount funded: $3,213.00
September 2011
The 6 +1 Traits of Writing program is used at State Street to help teach the mandated New York State Department of Education standards. Donna Dennihy applied for and received a grant last year from the foundation to work on one of the traits. She incorporated various forms of music including podcasts, videos, and original recordings from musicians, using her own personal Macintosh computer. This grant provided funding to continue this multimedia program to other traits. Programming will be shared with all fifth-grade classrooms.
Power of Powerpoint
Amount funded: $0
September 2011
Understanding that kids learn in many different ways and modalities, providing students with a chance to acquire new information through pictures, sounds, videos, colorful displays, transitions, effects, etc., is important and exciting. This grant provided funding to create power point lessons that can be used by the entire third grade.
AASL Conference
Amount funded: $905.00
September 2011
The American Association of School Librarians conference is the premier conference for school librarians and is held every two years. These conferences provide endless ideas for library/reading related units of study and especially techniques and programs to engage all students, whether proficient or reluctant readers. This grant partially funded participation by the middle school librarian at the 2011 conference in Minneapolis by paying her registration fee and contributing to her travel expenses.
Distance Learning Technology
Amount funded: $4,345.00
February 2011
Currently, hundreds of national and international museums, and historic and natural sites of interest, provide classroom virtual field trips. Conducted by a docent or staff member of the museum, these field trips utilize cameras and microphones for real-time interaction and viewing with and by the students. The distance learning equipment and programs will open up endless opportunities for students in our community, to take field trips to locations such as the Smithsonian Institute, the Holocaust Museum, and the Great Wall of China, without leaving their classroom. The equipment purchased with this grant can be utilized by any teacher in any building to enrich their curriculum.
Amount funded: $2,759.00
February 2011
The Edugame Student Response System allows teachers to receive instantaneous results of the questions and provide immediate individualized feedback on responses to students in review of any curriculum material and in preparation for any curriculum test. This grant provides for one Edugame system which can be shared and utilized in any middle school classroom.
Six Traits of Writing Enrichment – Advanced Instructional Programming
Amount funded: $700.00
May 2010
All 4th and 5th grade students in Skaneateles Central Schools participate in a program called “Six Traits of Writing”. Developed to teach mandated NY State Dept of Education standards, “Six Traits” teaches ideas and content; word choice; organization; voice/personality; and sentence fluency. This grant provided curriculum development time to create innovative programming using music to teach these writing fundamentals. Formal lesson plans incorporating various forms of music including podcasts, video of famous musicians, original recordings and NPR segments were created.
Connecting Young Adult Boys with Books
Amount funded: $1,000.00
May 2010
It is challenging to provide relevant and interesting materials to keep teenage boys engaged in daily reading activities. By high school, many boys have moved away from reading popular fiction and prefer other types of books. This grant will purchase books for an expanded collection of biography, autobiography, survival, sports, mystery, historical fiction, adventure and science fiction titles for the high school library.
Time Travel Video Software
Amount funded: $200.00
May 2010
Lori Usifer and Mitch Major have designed “Time Travel” movies for the 6th grade social studies curriculum. These movies allow students to “travel” to Neolithic times, ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. The funding to develop this curriculum was provided by summer grants from the school district. This grant provided funding for Final Cut Express software,to be utilized by both teachers, to expand the level and ability of the “time travelers” to visit unique locations. Final Cut Express provides for a “green screen” allowing “visits” to anywhere they have video (i.e. standing on the Great Wall of China).
8th Grade Trip 2010
Amount funded: $416.00
April 2010
This grant provided financial assistance for 5 eighth grade students to participate in their class trip to Washington, D.C.
Eric Carle Workshop
Amount funded: $500.00
June 2009
This grant provided funding for a faculty member to attend a teacher’s workshop by renowned children’s book author Eric Carle. Teaching methodologies learned helped enrich the Kindergarten curriculum.